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Army Color Blind Test

Army word itself defines perfection! Working in the USA Armed forces and doing something valuable for our country is a dream for many of us as it is very tough to achieve and get into the army services.

The selection process in the US Armed forces is done in such a way as to find the best and most adequate candidate who is eligible to fulfil the criteria required by the armed forces, which can be physical, psychological, or mental. There are always "Few Worthy Mans" who are being turned away due to many reasons like knock-knee, flat foot, and colour vision deficiency.

What Is the Army Color Blind Test?

Colour blindness occurs when you can not distinguish between colours or even cannot recognize a colour. It is also known as colour deficiency. It usually occurs between greens and reds, and occasionally blues.

Colour blindness test is now a formal Test process in armed forces like CDS, NDA, ARMY, NAVY exams, etc.

Candidates get a call for the medical examination where the colour blindness test named Ishihara Test takes place, and this test helps in identifying whether you have a colour deficiency or not..

We developed this Color Blind Test tool specially created for people who want to pretest their colour visibility before seating for Armed Forces exams.

Colour Blindness

Colour blindness (colour vision deficiency) is the decreased ability to see colour or differences in colour. It can impair tasks such as selecting ripe fruit and reading traffic lights. Colour blindness may make some academic activities more difficult.

Are You Eligible for Army If You are Color Blind?

No, Color Blindness can be a Cause of rejection in the Army forces, as there is a check process for eligibility.

Color Blindness Check Process In Army

At the Color Blind Test in Army forces, they check for the perception of colours according to their three categories, CP 1, CP 2, and CP 3. You are eligible only for the army if you belong to the CP-3 category, Army and Navy if CP-2, and all three if CP-1. You won't be eligible for aviation in any of the three wings.

The Three Color Test

A test used by the Military is the Pseudoisochromatic plate (PIP)set, the Farnsworth Lantern(FALANT), and the OPTEC 900 Color Vision Tester.

  1. Pseudoisochromatic plate (PIP)set: The most familiar colour vision tests, the majority of Pseudoisochromatic plate tests(such as Ishihara) were Designed to identify observers with X-Linked congenital colour defects(i.e. proton or any colour anomalies).
  2. Farnsworth Lantern(FALANT): It is also a test of the colour vision originally developed especially to screen sailors for requiring colour vision such as identifying signal lights at night it generally screens for red-green deficiencies.
  3. OPTEC 900 Color Vision Test: This test is similar to the Farnsworth Lantern test and is equally acceptable by FAA.

It often depends on which facility the soldier goes to for the physical on this military discretion Tests are held further.

How Can You Pass The Colour Blind Test In Army?

In this context, one should be prepared physically, mentally, and emotionally too besides all of the above physical health is important for one to pass in army medicals.

There is a reason for taking the test your colourblindness can affect you and your peers. Adversely, if somehow you manage to pass as there will be times you will need to convey or read Signs, etc. In such cases, you can't cheat rather it is always better to take precautions.

The army requires a person of values, ethics, and Honesty if you even

think of passing any test by cheating So far it will be a big question mark on your Abilities, character, and Aptitude.

Here we can say honestly to accept the things which are a bit problematic to us We shouldn't go away from it rather than taking out the solution and Accepting with a proper solution is a Key solution towards success.

Color Blindness Treatment for the Military

The Global Brain Insitute is the only Institute that offers a natural treatment of colour blindness. After deep research for many years, GBI has become successful to cure more than thousands of people. This treatment focuses on improving the efficiency of your colour perception.

Our Professionals have also researched and included Some techniques as a part of the treatment procedure, which can give promising results with No Side effects. Color Blindness is not a disease! It is a genetic disorder.

It decreases the contrast of colours. Generally, it is known as there is no treatment for colour blindness. However, using our brain training cures many people.

Ishihara Test a has only two colours Red and Green. Our tool Red Green Color Blind Test or Ishihara Test can help you train with red and green plates. You can practice this tool as many times as you want so that you can start reading instantly.

The technique is Efficiently dependent on colour differentiation and brain training, which helps to increase your colour perception. You will be able to read such Ishihara chart books that you were Unable to read with the help of practising our tool.