It is a simple game designed by to help people differentiate between shades of color. In the Color arrangement game, a subject must understand every shade and then arrange them in a given order, i.e., light to dark or vice versa.



It is a simple game designed by to help people differentiate between shades of color. In the Color arrangement game, a subject must understand every shade and then arrange them in a given order, i.e., light to dark or vice versa.

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What is Color arrangement?

If you are Colorblind, the fairest game in this situation is Color arrangement. This game helps to determine the type of color blindness you might have.

In this game, you have to arrange the colors from dark to faint order or vice-versa. Color arrangement is one of the most accessible games to play in times of need. This game is specially designed for the Color blinded people to test their type.

How to play the game?

The steps to play the Color arrangement game are pretty straightforward. Refer to the following point to know your type:

  1. There are two lines in the Color arrangement game, the upper line is arranged in random colors, and the lower line has only one Color.
  2. Start arranging the colors.
  3. Tapping any color from the upper line will choose the color.
  4. Then tap any blank box on the bottom line where you want to place them.
  5. Once you are satisfied with the color arrangement and have placed the colors accordingly, hit the 'Ready' button.
  6. The results will display in percentage.
  7. If you randomize the order, place the Color back in the white position and again place them in correct order.

Different Types of Colorblindness and the Color Arrangement Games

When you are detected with colorblindness, knowing the type might help you with the treatment. This game is designed especially for color blinded people to know their type. There are different types of colorblindness, and you must determine your type. Following are the different types of colorblindness a person may come across:


Red-green color blindness is the most common type of color deficiency you will come across. This condition's clinical name is deuteranopia, a congenital condition that means you are born with this kind of color deficiency. Going through this condition, you might have difficulty identifying red, green, and yellow color types.

You can play with the red-green mode in this color arrangement game if you wish to determine your type of colorblindness. Here you have to organize the color from dark red to dark green order. If you have find it difficult to arrange the red-green colors in particular order, there is a chance you may be suffering from deuteranopia.


Next on the list is Protan color blindness. This one is the anomaly of the 'L' cones, where L stands for 'Long Wavelength Light', which helps you see red colors. In this type of CVD, the L-cone's sensitivity only reaches the shorter wavelength. That means it does not receive much red light and gets too much green light compared with the L-cone.

If you go through this kind of color deficiency, you might start seeing green, yellow, blue, red, orange, blue, and brown similar to each other. Another thing you might come across is seeing pink colors appear grey, especially when it is more tuned to salmon or reddish pink.

Another symptom of Protan type deficiency is that the red color seems darker than it usually is to other ordinary people. For instance, if there are red numbers on black paper, people with Protan might not be able to identify the colors as the red appears too dark.

You can play the Protan mode in this game to see if you have this color deficiency. If you fail the test, there is a chance you may be suffering from Protan color deficiency.


Deutan color blindness is the anomaly of the 'M' cone. M represents Medium Wavelength Light, usually seen as a green light. In this kind of CVD, the sensitivity of the 'M' cone is shifted to a longer wavelength, which means you receive less green light and too much red light.

If you are going through this color deficiency, you may find it challenging to identify colors such as green, yellow, purple, or blue. Another symptom is that the green signal might appear too pale or white. Sometimes, you might get confused with pink, white or gray, especially when pink tends to be purplish.

You can take this test to see if you have Deutan color deficiency. If you are unsuccessful in this test, there might be a chance you are going through this color deficiency.


Tritan color deficiency comprises tritanomaly and tritanopia. In other words, it is also called yellow-blue color blindness. This color blindness usually occurs later in life due to aging or can also happen because of a medical condition known as glaucoma. There is little chance of this disease getting inherited by birth.

Tritan color deficiency occurs due to the reduced sensitivity in the blue-sensitive 'S' cone cells. The S here represents the Short Wavelength Light. The retinal 'S' cone only comprises

1% of the 6 million retinal cone cells, so when there is an issue with this cone, it directly leads to color blindness.

If you are going through Tritan color deficiency, you may find it demanding to see blue colors and have difficulty identifying the difference between blue and green. Diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts, and age-related macular degeneration are the severe symptoms of Tritan color deficiency.

Another reason responsible for the reduced sensitivity of blue light is the yellowing of the crystalline eyes within the eye. The main thing about this deficiency is that the cells do not regenerate, and with lifetime exposure to UV light, the lens becomes yellow in look and blocks the transmission of blue light. If the condition becomes serious, this yellowing might also lead to severe diseases such as cataracts, for which surgical removal is required.

You can take the test on tritan mode of this game to see if you have Tritan color deficiency. If you do not pass the test, it might be the right time to consult a doctor.


Helpful for kids

This test helps kids to identify different colors. Also, the color arrangement helps them with management which might come in handy when they enroll in schools. From a very young age, your kid starts understanding the difference between the darkest blue and the lightest yellow. That means this is an excellent choice for cognitive functions

Can be used for educational purposes

The game is an excellent option for educational purposes. If you are a painter, then you can understand the theory of colors better with it. Even though the 'Color Arrangement' test helps people identify the type of color deficiency they have, it does not mean that it can only be used for medical purposes.

Also, if your kid is fond of painting or drawing, this can help them learn different shades.

For Professionals

Yes, even professionals can get some sugar with the color arrangement game. For instance, a graphic designer can play this game to understand the shades' differences. Also, if you are a professional painter or a lecturer, you can use the different shades to explain the differences in colors better.

Finally, in your painting class, you can take your student's test with it; those who win get a treat, and for those who lose, there is always the next time. Color arrangement is an excellent way to keep your students motivated.


If you are looking forward to a fun time with your friends or planning a productive night for yourself, then try the color arrangement game. Not only will it help boost your knowledge, but it will also teach you a lot in a fun time.

How is it helpful for a colorblind person?

The test is an excellent choice for a colorblind person. It helps detect specific conditions or diseases in advance. Even if you weren't caught with colorblindness and still face some issues with the test, you can check in for prior treatment.

Also, this test can detect their issue in no time for elderly patients who might be going through diseases such as glaucoma or cataract. In short, the color arrangement test is helpful for color blinded as well as regular people. So, go ahead and try the test, and no matter the reasons behind taking it, we can assure you one thing you will get valid results.