Now you do not need to have a trip to the doctor to check your eyes and diagnose color vision deficiency. This online color vision test helps you to know if you are suffering from any such condition. This online test follows all clinical methods.

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color vision test
Color vision test Color vision test Color vision test


Now you do not need to have a trip to the doctor to check your eyes and diagnose color vision deficiency. This online color vision test helps you to know if you are suffering from any such condition. This online test follows all clinical methods.

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About Color Vision Test

As the name suggests, a color vision test is a way to test the accuracy of your vision. This test, also known as the Mosaic test, also helps check the color blindness type.

Testing your color vision has never been this easy! You get the results in the comfort of your home in under a few minutes. You can go for the diagnosis according to the outcome. If the color vision test shows some issues with your vision, we highly suggest going for medical expertise.

The best part about the color vision test is that it also helps to find the color blindness type because the test functions similar to the clinical color blindness tests.

This test includes a green screen composed of small red squares. You need to point out the odd man out here, but with each question, the red square keeps getting lighter while it slowly turns to green. The color vision test seems easy, to begin with, but gets more complex as you proceed with it. At the end of the game, your results show details about your vision or color-blindness type.

Points to Remember

Stay fully focused

When you are about to start the game, you need to stay focused from the start. Keep in mind that you won't get accurate results if you are distracted by an even bit. To solve this color vision test 100%, you must have an exact vision. The percentage might differ according to the vision.

The Test is difficult

The Color vision test is difficult, to begin with. As we already mentioned, it might seem easy initially, but the difficulty increases with the following questions. When the game starts, it is accessible from 0-50%; from 50-80%, the difficulty level is average; from 80-90%, the level is hard; but from 90-100%, the level is challenging, and even people with normal vision would find it difficult to get through.

Play in flow

You need to play this game in flow. If you are planning to play it with various pauses and distractions near you, there is no way you will get accurate results. Start answering the questions, and do not pause or stop until the color vision test is completed.

The chances of knowing your exact condition increase when you follow this way.


Help you to Know your type

To begin with, color vision test helps determine the color blindness type. Some people know they are colorblind but do not know their kind. So, suppose you are going through color deficiency and want to know the exact details without spending much money on medical consultations. In that case, the Color vision test is the only viable solution. Though the test follows clinical methods, visiting an eye doctor is highly recommended. However, you can get a basic idea about your deficiency.

No time limit

There is no time bondage in this game! Even if you get stucsk at some point, you can take as much time as you want to answer the question. Also, as the difficulty level increases, more time is needed to answer the question, which this game justifies.

Device Friendly

You won't need to install or download any application to access this color vision test. As it is a web-based test, you can take the test from anywhere! Be it your mobile phone, laptop, computer, or tablet.

However, to get accurate results, we highly recommend taking this color vision test on a big screen, as a big screen shows vivid colors and high resolution.

How does the test work?

The Mosaic test functions similar to a CAD test. Here, a large square is divided into multiple small squares. Here, you need to identify the small square in each question. The smaller square keeps pulsing, making it easier to find out.

When you click on the correct answer, the same square appears somewhere else in the big square, but this time it gets lighter. With every question, the small symbol keeps getting lighter.

The game comprises 20 levels of red-green, purple-green, and purple-red. In the Tritan version of the Mosaic test, you will witness 20 purple-red levels that eventually approximate the background of the large box with each passing question. It is a very accurate method for determining one's color blindness type and severity.

The subject’s task is to identify the motion of odd small square on a large square background with radiance contrast.

The color vision deficiency of indivudal in measured in SN units (Standard Normal Unit). Everything depends on the outcome, and if it demonstrates a red-green threshold of 3 SN Units, it will imply that you need thrice as strong colour signal than the typical CAD observer.

Color vision deficiency – Biology and Causes

Understanding the Biology of an Eye

The process of us seeing colors across the light spectrum is very complex. The process starts with your eyes' ability to respond to different wavelengths of light, including short, medium, and long.

Light has all three wavelengths; they enter your eye through the cornea and pass through the transparent lens and tissue (vitreous humor) in your eye. It then passed through the wavelength-sensitive cells at your eye's back to the retina's macular area. The cones are sensitive to all three wavelengths; the chemicals in them send the wavelength information via the optic nerve to the brain.

If you have normal vision, your eyes perceive color. But when you are color blinded, your cone lacks wavelength chemicals, and it gets to differentiate between red, green, and blue.

What CAUSES color vision deficiency?


If you work at a place exposed to certain chemicals like carbon disulfide, the chances of getting color blinded increases.

Inherited Disorder

Even though the chances of getting these inherited diseases are higher in males than in females, it does not mean that females are immune to them. The most common color deficiency one faces is red-green and blue-yellow. If your family has color

blindness, the chances are rare you are not getting it all. However, you may face a mild-moderate or severe degree of the disorder.


Some drugs can impair your vision, including those used to treat autoimmune illnesses, high blood pressure, heart disease, infections, and psychological issues.


Color blindness can be caused by certain medical diseases such as sickle cell anemia, Alzheimer's disease, leukemia, persistent alcoholism, etc., that damage optical vision.

Improve your Color Vision

Until now, there are no proper treatments for color deficiency, especially if the condition is inherited. However, if the cause is due to certain medical conditions or eye conditions, then the treatment is possible. Whichever prescription or drugs affecting your vision are discontinued, it can help improve your color vision.

Also, colored filter glasses or colored contact lenses are an excellent choice to enhance your perception of contrast between confusing colors. However, the effect of these lenses is temporary and will not improve your overall vision.