Color Blind Test

It is a computer-based color blind test that helps you to diagnose your eye color vision condition. This online test can provide you with accurate results. However, you must visit a doctor for special treatment.

What is Color Blind Test

Color blindness is a disorder in which you don’t see the colors the way a normal person can. That’s because your eyes see differences in the light that it absorbs. Most often, people who have color blindness don’t even know about it, unless they encounter a situation where they talk about colors to a person with normal eyes. That’s why we have created this website where you can test if you are color blind by recognizing various colors and knowing if you can see them correctly.

Fact: According to research, an estimated over 300 million people across the world have a color vision deficiency In terms of demographics, one in every 12 men is color blind which constitutes 8% of the total. On the other hand, one in every 200 women is color blind.

Color blind test

How does this Test work?

The color blind test consists of circles with numerous dots and a Hidden number in them. The numbers are of different colors than their surrounding dots, but a color blind person will perceive all the dots as the same. However, a person with normal vision will easily be able to distinguish between the different colors and identify the hidden number.

How to get accurate results

To make sure that you get as accurate results as possible with this test, you should keep a few things in mind such as:

Remove eyewear

This test requires you to remove any specs you are wearing and take this on with your naked eyes. Using variables may hinder your ability to take the test effectively and decrease the accuracy of the results.

Turn Brightness too high

As you may already know, the amount of light that strikes your eyes affects your ability to perceive differentiation to a great extent. That’s why we suggest you keep your brightness at the highest to be able to identify any intricacies on your screen.

Disable the Blue light filter (If On)

If you are using a blue light filter on your device, then consider turning it off while you are giving the test. The filter alters the colors on your screen, which may decrease the accuracy of the results as you might not be able to identify the right colors.

What causes you to be color blind?

Most of the time, a person is born color blind. However, certain variants of it may occur later in life and are more common in older individuals. Congenital color blindness occurs because of problems in the cones of your retina. This is due to issues in the passing of genetic information from parents to the child. Due to an abnormal gene, the cones either develop incorrectly or do not develop at all. One of the most common types of color blindness occurs due to gene problems that are found in the X chromosome. It can also be caused by some health conditions like Glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, Alzheimer, and medicines side effects.

Fact: A man gets color blindness when he inherits the gene from his mother. On the other hand, for a woman to get this kind of color blindness, the gene shall be passed from both the mother and father. This is also the reason why color blindness is seen more commonly in men.

Different types of color blindness

Often termed color vision deficiency, color blindness involves a range of causes as well as conditions that can be quite complex to understand at first. Mostly, when people talk about color blindness, they are referring to one of the most common forms of it which are red-green colorblindness. It is a genetic condition that is caused by a recessive gene on the X

chromosome. However, there are certainly other types of color blindness as well. Even the red-green color blindness can be categorized into two different types - Protan and Deutan, which are the disorders of the first and second types of retinal cones respectively.

How do I know if I am color blind?

To know if you are color blind or not, you can look for the following signs:

You are showing symptoms

One of the most common traits of color blindness is the inability to see colors the way most people do. In case you are color blind, you might have one or more of these symptoms of not being able to see:

  • The difference between two or more colors
  • The brightness of different colors
  • The varying shades of different color

Sometimes, these symptoms are on a very acute level that you wouldn’t even notice unless someone points them out. Moreover, as people get used to the way they see colors around them, they never realize they are color blind.


Take an online test

An online color blind test will allow you to check your eyes for some common types of color blindness such as red-green, blue-green, and gray. There are various different types of tests to choose from such as the Ishihara test, Farnsworth 100 hue test, Reaction time test, and more.


Visit a Doctor

The most reliable way to know if you have color blindness or not is certainly visiting a doctor. They’ll test you by showing circles made of many different colors and ask you to identify the number hidden inside them in different colors.


Fact: A lot of people are genetically born with color blindness. However, there are many people with which the ailment doesn’t show up until later in life.

Different tests for color blind

Here are some tests that you can take to find out if you are color blind:


Color plate test

One of the most common types of tests for color blindness, this test requires you to look at an image containing a circle made up of dots of different colors along with a hidden number in it. If you are color blind, you won’t be able to see the number.


Anomaloscope test

In this test, you have to check whether you can differentiate between different brightness’s of light or not. It requires you to look into the eyepieces of two lights and adjust them and try to differentiate the brightness. If you can’t, then you’re color blind.


Hue test

A hue test requires you to look at blocks made of different colors. Then, the doctor will ask you to arrange them in the order of a rainbow. If you cannot arrange them properly, then you might be suffering from color blindness.

What is a reverse color blindness test?

The reverse color blind test is a opposite of normal Ishihara test. Such that it can be easily solved by someone who is color blind. The reason why it is called the reverse color blind test is that a normal vision person will have a hard time viewing the colors.

Impact of color blindness on a person

Color blind people have to face a lot of difficulties in their daily life that can never be understood by people with normal sight. It can affect everything from education, career choices, exam grades, and even career progression.

Professional Life

Due to the inability to differentiate between most colors, people with color blindness are not allowed in many fields of professions. These include Pilots, graphic designing, Firefighting, chefs, public driving, and more. This is because they would not be able to differentiate between traffic signals, warning signs, food items, or spices in certain cases.

Daily Life

Color-blind people usually cannot tell the difference between ripe and unripe bananas because they cannot see the green color on them. Some food items may also look repulsive to color blind people, which may make children with color blindness fussy over green vegetables. Fortunately, they are allowed to drive even though they cannot directly differentiate between traffic lights, but this itself is dangerous for them. Even choosing clothes to wear can become difficult due to color blindness.


Education can become difficult for color blind people- be it the primitive ways or the modern, from teaching kids using colored blocks, to teaching them on smart devices- all have the color factor. Due to color blindness, kids can face difficulty starting from their education to the very end.

How to prevent yourself from color blind deficiency?

If your color blindness is inherited from your parents, then there is no way to prevent it. However, if it is not genetic, then you can reduce your chances of getting color blindness in life by taking necessary precautions such as getting regular eye check ups, consulting a healthcare provider timely, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

What Colors a Color Blind Cannot See?

As already stated above that there are various different types of color blindness, so are their impacts. For instance, in extremely rare cases, people are even unable to see any color at all. However, for most of the color blind people, they are incapable of seeing red, green, or blue. A color blind individual is likely to have blue, red and yellow as their favorite colors.

What colors can a Color Blind see?

Color blind people can see over thousands of color sheets from one million shades, depending on which type of deficiency they have. Some of the most common colors that color blind people can see are black, gray, and white. Also, color blind person does not like the brown color.

Color blindness is not just a phase, it can cause a lifetime of problems. Hence, it is best to test your vision to check if you have color blindness. This can be done by taking the color blindness test on This can help you test your vision and warn you before getting medical attention.