Color matching is a game designed for color blind people to determine the accuracy of their color blindness. The game has a simple concept that anyone can play. It is so easy that even kids can play this game.


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Color matching is a game designed for color blind people to determine the accuracy of their color blindness. The game has a simple concept that anyone can play. It is so easy that even kids can play this game.

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What is Color matching?

Like, color arrangement, color matching is just a fun game to match the colors. If you find it challenging to play the game or some elements are too difficult to understand, you can always refer to the following points to make the game easier to play. Even though color matching is a fun game to play, if the difference in the numbers is too much, you could opt for a color blindness test.

In this game, you are given a shade on the left, and you need to scroll the shade given on the right with the exact match! In the game, you come across three stages, easy, medium, and complex, and the final score determines how efficient you are in color matching.

How to play the game?

The steps to play the Color matching game are pretty straightforward. Refer to the following point to know your type:

  1. There are two colors given in the game. You need to match the right color with the left color by scrolling.
  2. Once you are satisfied with the match, click on the below button.
  3. You must match all the colors to complete a level.
  4. With every step, the data will show the average difference in colors. If the difference is above 7, you will have to replay the same level.
  5. With every color match, the question becomes more difficult.

How do I play if I am Color Blind?

If you are colorblind and you are confused about how will you play the game, then the following points will help you get started:

Wear Color filter glasses

Before playing the game, wear color filter glasses. If you suffer from the most common color blindness type, you can try wearing Color Filter glasses of specialized brand of your choice. These filters are specially designed to increase the separation between color channels, and if you are colorblind, this glass helps you see colors more vibrantly.

Enable Color Filter in Windows 10

If you are using Windows 10, try enabling the color filter option from settings. Applying a color filter changes the color palette on the screen and helps you differentiate the things that only differ by color.

To enable the color filters in Windows 10, refer to the following steps:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Hit on 'Ease of Access.'
  3. Click on Color & High Contrast.
  4. Below the Color Filters, turn on the Apply Color Filter toggle switch.
  5. From the drop-down menu, select the colors you wish to use. The shades will include:
  • Protanopia
  • Grayscale Inverted
  • Deuteranopia
  • Invert
  • Grayscale
  • Tritanopia

Once you pick a particular color filter, your system will show the changes immediately. In the Color Filter preview pane, you can see the effects of the chosen color filter.

You can use a keyboard shortcut (Win + Ctrl + C) to turn on or off the color filter. You need to turn on the switch next to the Keyboard shortcut for the Filters option to use it.

Install colorblind filter app

Install the colorblind filter app on your smartphone, and the colors will display according to your selected options. With apps like these, it gets easier for colorblind people because all the settings in the particular apps are colorblindness-friendly.

Turn off the Blue light filter (Optional)

If you are color blind, the first thing you need to do is to turn off the blue light filter of your computer. When the Bluelight filter is on, the colors might show differently to a colorblind person. For instance, the blue color might appear green to them and vice-versa. So, it is better to turn off the blue light filter.

Use a high-quality display device (Optional)

Make sure you are using a high-quality display device. The colors might appear different if you use an old system or an old computer. The test results are valid when you use a modern device embedded with a high-quality display. Also, if you are color blind, you should steer clear of poor displays, as they can affect your vision.

Game Conclusion

The color matching game is an excellent option to know your color differentiation skills. Firstly, you can try this game for fun. But while playing the game, if the difference between the chosen and given color is too high, then you might need expert advice and rule out the possibility of color blindness.

If you are already a color-blinded person and still wish to play the game, you can do that by correctly following the instructions mentioned earlier. Also, try not to stress your vision in this condition, as people with color blindness tend to get sensitive to different colors.

Also, only opt for the color matching game in color deficiency conditions if you are comfortable with the setup.